StorX — An Environment-Friendly Alternative to Mega Cloud

Alan John
3 min readJun 30, 2021

Centralized cloud storage services such as Mega have become an integral part of our lives as well as business. But their developing control over clients and untrustworthy strategic policies have gone unchecked for quite a while. It has become a common practice for market leaders to access personal data through unauthorized means to generate higher profits at the cost of the security and privacy of their users as doing so goes directly against their business model. An integrated platform sounds good but it doesn’t bring the highest security and simplicity for users. Sometimes the most popular option is not the best one and it is important to examine several alternatives to choose the service that is best for you.

How Mega Fails to Meet Expectations

Mega is based on a centralized architecture and inherits all the flaws that come with the system. The platform is prone to outages and failures that could severely affect the productivity of your business. However, the biggest concern is that some usage conditions are applied to mega for Business such as the “genuine business purposes” usage. To check this purpose mega will compare your usage to that of the average business user, as their fair-use policy says. If you’re planning to store a lot of data or edit your files often, you may need to first check with mega that your usage is appropriate. Moreover, according to their documentation, mega says to apply bandwidth quota limits in certain conditions. Playing with bandwidths can make operations optimized but it affects the user experience badly.

These are some events that highlight how unreliable the Mega Cloud platform is:

  • 2016 Mega Hack — Hackers took source code and admin logins making its users vulnerable.
  • 2018 Chrome Extension Hack — Chrome extension hacked to steal logins.

Why You Should Switch to StorX

StorX Drive is a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage built with an emphasis on security and privacy at its core. We are committed to our users having sole ownership over their data and not any third party. Unlike legacy cloud storage providers, StorX divides your files into encrypted fragments and stores multiple copies of them across individual storage nodes around the world. This means that only you hold the keys to access your files and the highly redundant system means that even if multiple nodes fail to function, you can in any case retrieve all of your data.

These are some advantages of StorX over Mega:

  • More Secure and Private — Every file is encrypted and distributed across a decentralized network consisting of individual storage nodes. No outsider or third party has control over your files as only you hold the decryption keys to access your data.
  • Highly Redundant and Reliable — StorX stores multiple copies of your files on nodes across the globe, eliminating any single point of failure and promises you the highest uptime guaranteed.
  • Cost-Effective — Storing your data on StorX costs substantially lower in contrast to centralized cloud storage services.
  • 100% trustless — You will have sole ownership over your data rather than any third party.
  • Open-Source — StorX believes in a transparent approach and the software utilized for the platform is completely open-source and developed by highly skilful and experienced software engineers.
  • Environmentally Friendly — Instead of using large energy-intensive data centres, StorX uses the spare space available in devices around the world to store data.

StorX Drive is the next generation of cloud storage and is undeniably superior in terms of privacy and security compared to Mega because of its community-based decentralized design. If you believe that a more scalable and secure cloud is the right choice for you then you can register on